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Enhancing Community Stewardship Towards Improving Coastal Ecosystem Health - A Case Study of Ada Coastal Communities in Ghana

Effective coastal education programs contribute to develop positive visions for the future of the coast and the ability to participate in change to improve coastal management. Such programs go beyond raising awareness about coastal management issues, instead involving people in specific actions and choices, and better on-ground outcomes for the coastal environment (Wortman et al, 2006).

The ecological state of the Coastal ecosystems of Ada, Ghana is known to be degraded although the extent of degradation has been a subject of debate. This project seeks to advance the evidence base and to develop innovative educational model for strengthening community stewardship of these ecosystems. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be used in the study. The designed methodology includes ecological studies, questionnaire survey, focus group discussions and pilot-testing program.

The study will stimulate and complement scientific research on effective ways to promote sustainability education especially in the coastal area of Ghana. It will give a better understanding of the values and threats of the ecosystems to community members and all stakeholders for an informed decision-making process.


Environment, Education, Sustainability, Stewardship, Ecological, Ecosystem, Coastal Zone