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Reference Architecture for Sensor based Environmental Information Systems

Sensor based environmental information systems are environmental information systems which employ the sensing techniques to manage the data about the soil, air water and other things such as vehicles in the world around us. The utilization of sensor based environmental information systems is increasing worldwide in terms of road traffic control systems, air pollution detection systems, fire detection systems and others. However, the development and maintenance processes of such systems tend to be difficult and time-consuming. The diversity of sensor based environmental information systems is observed in application level, technically these systems possess similar components (subsystems) that could be unified and presented in a single standardized architecture i.e. reference architecture. The reference architecture could facilitate the rapid development and maintenance of concrete system architectures of sensor based environmental information systems.

In this thesis, a reference architecture for sensor based environmental information systems is proposed and the standardized description of reference architecture will be established. Real scenarios of sensor based environmental information systems will be used to instantiate and evaluate the reference architecture.


Sensor based Environmental Information Systems, Software Architecture, Reference Architecture

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