Hortência Joana Macombo Massinga

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Integrated Management Information System Based on Business Intelligence for Decision Making

Nowadays, the organizations are operating in the information age, where effective management information and the information technology are required to generate information timely, proposing changes in processes and business strategy.

Decision Support Systems attempt to facilitate a “natural intelligence” approach to human problem solving. By using Business intelligence as tool on management information system will improve the managerial decision making at sectoral of Land, Environment and Rural Development.

The information produced in this sector (MITADER), is seen as key indicator for the five years program of governance and contribute to effective achievement of the mandate. Thus, the integration management information system affects all the organizational structure and the adoption of information system becomes an important tool to support decision making and information flow management.

This research is intended to support MITADER’s business, for their decision-making processes, without relying on the power users. The use of business intelligence concepts is to implement an information system integration. Finally, the new platform will be designed following the relevant stages of information which is needed at all organization levels


Management Information System, Information technology, Decision Making, Business Intelligence

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Universidade Pedagógica – Escola Superior Técnica
Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development
Cooperation and Planning Directorate – Information Technology Department
Maputo – Mozambique